Checkout Extensibility

screenshot of checkout extensibility including addition of gift box and gift message

Checkout extensibility allows for merchants to enhance the checkout experience in order to better meet their own unique business needs.

Adding these options allow businesses to serve their customers in a better way, which only enhances Shopify's already high-converting checkout process.

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What's an example of something I can add with checkout extensibility?

There are so many options! Most recently, we've added the ability for a customer to add on additional gift box during checkout. Another cool feature that is a typical request is the ability to add a gift message when sending a gift to another recipient.

What are the benefits of adding checkout extensibility?

The biggest benefit is to allow merchants to add more customizations to the checkout process that simply weren't available before. A lot of business have very specific needs, and adding this feature help them to achieve their goals more easily.

How long does it take to add a feature to my checkout?

Just like everything, the timeline will be dependent on your specific goals. During the initial meeting, we'll discuss the best way to help you meet these goals and then let you know what the timeline will look like.

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    Step 1.

    Contact us so we can discuss your project and decide on specific deliverables.

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    Step 2.

    You will schedule your project date, sign a scope of work, and make a payment.
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    Step 3.

    We will complete your project, test to ensure everything is working properly, and then get your approval to push the changes live.
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