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UX stands for User Experience. This is, essentially, how your users experience and interact with your website. With a UX audit, we work to identify points of friction in the conversion process as well as practices that could negatively impact your customers in other ways. We look to improve the effectiveness of your website by uncovering insights to enhance usability and boost customer satisfaction.

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What are the benefits of a UX audit?

The primary goal of a UX audit is to identify areas on your site that could be hindering your customers' ability to make a purchase. The benefits, then, include decreasing user frustration and gaining valuable information about your customer base. Most people also tend to see an increase in conversion and customer retention.

What is included in the audit?

Every audit includes an analysis that is supported by industry leading UX research. You will receive a report of the findings along with recommendations on remediation.

How many pages do you audit?

This is dependent on client need and request. Our main goal is to provide value to all of our clients, so we won't push you to pay for something you don't want and we won't offer services we don't think are necessary.

How do I know what pages to audit?

We can help with that! We'll start with a conversation about your site in order to identify pain points and pages where you might be seeing low conversions. From there, we'll formulate a plan on how to move forward.

How long does a UX audit take?

This will depend on how many pages are being audited and the scope of work agreed upon at the beginning of the project. Timelines can range from 1-6 weeks

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    Step 1.

    Contact us so we can discuss your project.

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    Step 2.

    We will schedule and complete your review.
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    Step 3.

    Your report will be compiled and sent.
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    Step 4.

    Together, we plan for what changes you want made.
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