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Basic Shopify User Guide

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This basic guide will help you understand more about key Shopify terminology and get a high-level overview of what your store can do.

With direct links to Shopify Help Docs and "quick wins," you'll be able to find what you're looking for in a less-overwhelming way than trying to search through the Help Docs alone.

This is perfect for those who are new to Shopify because it's full of Shopify-specific jargon, resources, and quick tips. It's basically the ultimate starter pack! 

What am I getting?

Downloadable PDF

10 pages of Shopify terminology, tips and tricks, user experience (UX), best practices, and app recommendations all in one place.

Easy to read

Whether on your computer at your desk, or your phone on the beach, this user guide is accessible as a downloadable PDF for you to access Shopify-specific tips anywhere.

Resources for all

We work with a wide range of merchants, from custom builds on Shopify Plus to just getting started on Shopify, and we provide these same resources to our clients.

And now it's accessible to you without the cost of engagement.