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Theme modifications help you leverage existing settings within your chosen theme or build in a new design or functionality to help improve the customer journey to meet your goals.

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What are the benefits of theme modifications?

Theme modifications can be a great option if you want to stick with your current theme but just need for it to do a little bit extra. Modification can allow for more customization to match your brand identify, enhance the user experience, and help to accommodate your store for future growth.

Shouldn't I just get a new theme?

Not necessarily. While there are certain functions that are built natively into themes, sometimes modifying your current theme is more cost effective and saves time in the long run.

What's the charge for theme modifications?

We have 2 pricing structures: Intensive Days and Monthly Subscription. Depending on the length and intensity of the project, we will recommend the structure we think is most appropriate for your business.

What's an example of a theme modification?

Some examples of theme modification include adding custom sections, changing the layout, or integrating a feature that isn't native to your theme.

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