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Freelance Web Developer + Shopify Expert

Taylor Page

As a freelancer, I work with clients all over the world, but primarily serve those in the United States. 

I only work on Shopify projects and I support Shopify store owners, marketing/SEO agencies, and other development agencies in a variety of ways.

I would be happy to talk about how I can support you and your goals on Shopify. If you'd like to learn more about services I offer, check out the services page. If you're already convinced I can support you on Shopify reach out on my contact form

Trying to find info about the gear I use? Check out my /uses page.

A freelancer with a team + network + resources

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Executive Assistant + Professional Chaos Organizer

Lindsay Lebsock

Lindsay works behind the scenes in order to help make sure things run smoothly. You've probably received some emails from Lindsay if you've emailed about scheduling or project updates.

Lindsay uses her years of expertise in various fields, from professional executive assistant all the way through to housing. She turns messes into masterpieces with careful planning and execution.