Shopify's Free Business Tools

While this Shopify Dev Resource may not be super developer-y, you may be like me and have to answer additional questions that aren't necessarily about web development to your Shopify merchants.

"I'm not an expert at this, but here are some resources..."

Personally, I'm not a fan of saying, "I don't know" and leaving it at that. I'd much rather say, "I'm not an expert at this, but here are some resources..."

So for this type of situation, I have found that the best resource to answer all those unrelated web development questions is to give Shopify's Free Business Tools.

Shopify Free Business Tools

Ever had a client ask to help out with Terms and Conditions? Need to teach them how to easily look up registration information for a domain? Shopify has a whole suite of tools, even a business name generator, that will help out with several of these tasks.

Complete list of tools (at the time of this post) to save you a click:

Let me know what resources you provide to your Shopify merchants when they follow up from a project. I would love to be able to share more!
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