Shopify Theme Docs

This week's Shopify Dev Resource is going to feel a bit like a no-brainer, but that's never the case! This is especially for folks just breaking into the field and those who have been working in Shopify for a minute but just haven't taken the time to go back and see all the vast improvements done in the past year.

So what am I talking about? I'm talking about the Shopify Theme docs!

Shopify Theme Docs

The Theme Docs for Shopify have undergone a major overhaul in just the past year or so. While the previous docs were good, now these are just...well, really good.

Screenshot of Shopify Theme Docs

There are loads of tutorials, references, code examples, and links to the Github for flagship Dawn implementations. There is just so much you can learn by going back and checking the docs.

  • Build a new theme
    • Referencing the Dawn theme, learn how to build your own theme in Shopify.
  • Customize a theme
    • Learn how to customize a theme to make your unique brand stand out.
  • Theme architecture
    • Get to know how Shopify themes are built (template files, building blocks and supporting assets) and how you can make them customizable.
  • Liquid
    • The language of Shopify themes! You know how much I love referencing anything Liquid (Shout out to the Liquid Weekly Podcast).
  • Migrate your theme to Online Store 2.0
    • Migrate your theme (and store) to Shopify 2.0, it's faster, easier to maintain and just overall more efficient.
  • Shopify Github integration for themes
    • Github tracks each change you make to your online store(s), plus, it's a great way to be able to collaborated with other devs. I highly recommend having a Github account for yourself or your organization.
  • Theme Check
    • If you end up having errors in your theme code, this is a great tool to help you show what those errors are. It not only finds those errors, but enforces best practices with your theme and Liquid.

Don't Forget The Docs!

With best practices for building AND customizing themes, there's some excellent guidance in the Shopify Theme Docs that I didn't even get to mention here.

At least once a month, without fail, if I'm Googling a problem I'm stuck on I'm surprised to find something from the Shopify Theme docs I've never even seen before.

So, don't forget the docs! They are a lifesaver. I'll also add that they are quite pleasant to look at as well by way of docs. I'm grateful Shopify has invested so much into building out such great documentation.

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