Shopify Theme Customization with Liquid

One of the reasons I started sharing Shopify Dev Resources is that I kept receiving requests pretty regularly from folks asking for help on how to learn Shopify. Even while I was (and still am) learning, I wished there was a easy way to find all the Shopify Liquid Resources - not just references, but practical application.

Thankfully, I didn't have to create my own resource as I've seen many others do online. But I wanted an actual physical book - something I can hold in my hands. Not only that, but look good on a bookshelf.

One of the best resources

Aside from the Shopify Dev Docs, I think one of the best resources you can get on Liquid and Shopify is Ivan Djordjevic's book - Shopify Theme Customization with Liquid.

Shopify Theme Customization with Liquid Book by Ivan Djordjevic

This book is for everyone, beginners and experience developers alike. All you need some basic familiarity of HTML, CSS or JavaScript and the motivation to learn more about Liquid.

Ivan's goal is that once you finish this book, you'll be a confident Liquid expert. And it's continued to serve as a fantastic reference, even though the downside of print is that sometimes things need to be updated in the web development world.

Personally, I really like having a physical copy so that I can go back to it again and again. I've never even seen another book on Liquid, so this has been a great resource to have.

Final Thoughts

I definitely have learned a couple things that I had not ever used in Liquid before, so this book has been a real positive resource.

Whether it's getting more familiarity with Liquid or just needing to see some examples from a physical book in hand, this text is a great option for many levels of Shopify Dev.

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