Shopify Partner Academy

This week's Shopify Dev Resource is an often overlooked, and frequently misunderstood resource, the Shopify Partner Academy.

Shopify Partner Academy

When I first started as a freelancer specializing in Shopify, I thought that I had to complete these courses/certifications in order to do good work or start working with clients.

It's not a very well-known resource or aspect of your Shopify Partner dashboard because it's pretty well hidden:

Shopify Partner Dashboard → Resources →Partner docs → Get certified at Shopify Academy

Explore the catalog by filtering out what you'd like to learn.

You DO NOT have to complete these certifications in order to start working on Shopify stores, but they do provide very valuable information.

Tip: I think that you'll learn more from starting up a development store in your Partner account and working on implementing some changes in themes, but this still has great information and shouldn't be ignored.

Use This as a Supplemental Resource

Don't let the Shopify Partner Academy resource be a requirement that you feel like you absolutely need but do use it as a supplemental resource. I was really surprised that most merchants didn't care at all that I had/had not gone through any of these when I first started working in Shopify.

What I've seen is that some agencies use Shopify Partner Academy as training for their developers, so it would be a great thing to already be familiar with if you're looking for an agency job.

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