Shopify CLI for Themes

It's finally been long enough. The mourning period is over for me for Theme Kit and Shopify CLI 2.x. This week's Shopify Dev Resource is the Shopify CLI for themes (v 3.x) because I'm finally at the point where it's hard to remember dev life without it.


There are instances where I will occasionally just use the online editor for a very quick fix. I've even used the online editor in YouTube videos because I think it's probably still the most accessible to folks watching, but I cannot believe when I talk to other devs and the online editor is still their daily driver... Why?!!?

The tools available to us as developers working in Shopify themes, or apps, is fantastic. The Shopify CLI is a tool that isn't absolutely required for you to work in themes, but once you get it down it will definitely enhance your efficiency significantly.

Shopify CLI for Themes

Shopify CLI (Command-Line Interface) for themes is a useful tool that helps build Shopify themes (even replaces the Theme Kit for Online Store 2.0), it can also help developers automate commonly used tasks.

Check out some of following sections to get more in-depth information on how Shopify CLI can advance your themes.


My standard workflow is so nice now using a combination of Shopify CLI and the Github Integration (big thanks to Rob Dukarski for encouraging me to try it again after the initial release wasn't as stable as I had wanted).

Being able to work locally in VS Code on my own machine, get updates in real time then commit work to Git and have my store theme updated in all one smooth flow is very satisfying.

So if you haven't learned it yet, give the Shopify CLI a go and learn how to incorporate it into your workflow.

Check out Shopify CLI on Github

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