Noun Project

This week's #ShopifyDevResource is the Noun Project.

When I first started getting into web development, I struggled to find a good place to find quality assets. I noticed there wasn't a clear path to well-known libraries or super stock-looking resources for mockups or website builds.

Insert the Noun Project

The Noun Project provides a fantastic option when it comes to icons and photographs. But by far I use this mostly for really clean, and sometimes when necessary, unique icons. At times, I can lose an hour or more just looking at all their icons - over 5 million!

Screenshot of The Noun Project Icon Web Page

A Super Easy Win

When customizing a site is just changing up the standard icons that come along for the ride in a theme, that's a super easy win in my book. This helps set the site apart more and you can likely find icons that better align with existing branding material (if they don't already have icon assets for you to use).

This is one of my favorite, of many, places to get icons so it's definitely worth a look.
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