Indie Hackers Podcast

I have been listening to podcasts a lot more again now that I've started running regularly. When I started working from home I lost the commute time when I normally listened to podcasts and never worked them back in.

Now, I prefer to listen to a podcast while jogging/running over listening to music.

So this week's Shopify Dev Resource is the Indie Hackers Podcast.

It's important to cover not only technical and soft skills tools when talking about resources, and also have places to find inspiration and encouragement. The Indie Hackers Podcast and community is a great place for that.

Indie Hackers Podcast Shows

  1. Indie Bites: Hosted by James McKinven, this podcast brings a bite-sized (15 minute) episodes with indie hackers that'll help you come up with ideas and inspiration to make a career of your own and so much more. 
  2. Indie Hackers: Hosted by Courtland and Channing Allen, this podcast interviews those "who turn their ideas and side projects into profitable online businesses." They'll discuss strategies and best tools to use in order to get away from the 9-to-5 worklife. 
  3. Software Social Podcast: Nominated for 2020 SaaS Podcast Awards for best podcast, episode and hosts (Collene Schnettler and Michele Hensen) is about two indie SaaS founders who share different perspectives of starting and establishing a business. 

Indie Hackers Community

Not only is Indie Hackers a podcast, they offer a place of community. Loads of creators, from all sorts of backgrounds, talk about how they made their start. A very common story starts with failure or happenstance where they have had to leverage either grit or opportunity, and in most instances both, to make things happen.

More Great Resources

There are a handful of meetups that are either online or in-person. A great place to meet other indie hackers from all over the world.

Lastly, don't forget to sign up for their newsletter. I signed up in 2021 and found this to be a great resource when looking for ideas and tips for my business. 

Share Your Inspiration

I hope you find the stories from Indie Hackers as inspiring as I have. 

Share your favorite podcasts, as I'd love to know about other podcasts y'all listen to that you find inspiring as well.
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