Learning how to use Git is essential as a developer, but the best tool to leverage Git in my opinion is Github. Github can be helpful to developers who are just starting out or those who are very seasoned.

So, how is Github helpful?

First off, Git and Github are not the same thing. This tripped me up early on, there are a couple of different places you can go to host your repos (repositories aka fancy way of saying files for your project).

It's getting harder and harder to describe Github because it does SO MUCH STUFF. To name a few ways of how I use it:

  • Mainly, this is a great resource for Shopify Devs because there are tons of places you can find open-source code for examples specific to your projects.
    • You can even filter by language (JavaScript, Python, HTML, etc.,)
  • You can also use Github to collaborate with other developers and show off your own work. Or just use it to move back and forth between two different computers.
    • Check out Github events to stay connected.
    • Stay up to date with what's going on with Github's blog.

Second, updates Github has made to profile pages has basically made it a simple way to create a portfolio. You can put some information about yourself for other devs (and brands and agencies) to find and also feature/pin projects you want to highlight. And to level up, you could even host a static site on Github pages.

Use Github to become a better Shopify developer

There are so many tools and features on Github that will make you a better developer, not only while using Shopify but just in general. This becomes super helpful for you as a Shopify Developer because you can utilize Shopify's Github integration to sync changes when working with themes. It's a great way to provide what's called version control for your themes, which is especially important when you have multiple people working in the online store.

If you still aren't sure how to use Github, you can learn how by going to Github Skills. From there, you'll be able to take courses that are beginner and expert friendly. I highly recommend you to check it out and learn how you can use it for yourself.

Final resource I'll leave for you, Github repo for Dawn. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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