Coding with Jan

One of the best possible Shopify Dev Resources out there is Jan Frey's YouTube Channel - Coding with Jan.

Coding with Jan

With 43k+ subscribers, Jan provides over 100+ Shopify videos on most everything you can think of as a Shopify developer. From coding to organizing your day and projects, to learning paths and more.

Check out some of his playlists:
Two episodes that I want to call out:


In addition to his YouTube channel, Jan co-runs Freemote and teaches others how to freelance as web developers with a specific focus on Shopify development in addition to the necessary components in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Thank you, Jan!

I've learned so much from Jan and his YouTube channel. It's pretty much always the number one recommendation I can make to anyone who wants to learn about web development on Shopify.

Big thanks to Jan for always working hard to create super relevant and helpful content for web developers working in Shopify!
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