Announcing the Liquid Weekly Podcast

I really enjoy podcasts! It's one of the primary ways I consume information - just learning how to talk or understand different concepts.

It's also a great way to ingest information without a significant amount of effort and I'm usually engaged in other things while listening.

While I've thought about trying to create some form of a podcast for a while, I knew I could never do it alone. That's why I was so excited when Karl Meisterheim approached me about his future plans for Liquid Weekly - a resource I've found so incredibly helpful throughout my time in the Shopify Community.

When he asked if I would potentially be interested in doing a podcast with him - I couldn't believe it!

I'm very excited and honored that Karl would consider bringing me on to talk Shopify with him on a regular basis.

This podcast is going to be different from other ecommerce or Shopify podcasts. Because it's going to focus on development. Not marketing, PPC, ROAS, and all these other metrics I just don't really get but try to stay conversationally familiar with.

We're going to be talking about Shopify Development (apps and themes), working with merchants, freelancing, consulting, providing services supporting merchants, and more.

Check out the Liquid Weekly newsletter here.

You can also listen to the podcast on Spotify or watch on YouTube.

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