Sweetalicious - Project

screenshot of sweetalicious website

This was a job to help fix a slow Wordpress site. These folks out of New Jersey had recently launched an online store in the summer and were getting sales. But there was a problem. The site was slow, they were constantly having to work on updating plugins and various parts of their site, and in spite of all their hard work to have an online storefront most customers were still calling to complete orders.

We discussed and talked about a couple of things that were potentially holding their customers back from ordering online. Trust, both for the website to successfully make a purchase, and design were parts of the issue. They were happy with the overall design but were agreeable to making some tweaks and changes that would help instill trust and also make it easy for customers to checkout online.

Some Fun Features

We went with a paid theme, Canopy, primarily due to liking the layout and also having a really good option for a slide out cart and the ability for promotional products in the cart and menu. However, themes don't always come with everything needed, so some additional included custom for this shop to meet their needs included:

  • Gradient announcement bar
  • Suggestive product search
  • Customizable colors per navigation item and background for dropdown
  • Sticky product view that keeps the "Add to Cart" button in view at all times on product pages

You can check out the end result on Sweetalicious' live website by visiting https://www.sweetalicious.com/.

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