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screenshot of grower-x website

Grower-X was a brand new product and brand with the complexity of wanting to keep a wholesale and consumer-facing website all-in-one. When I started to pitch for this project I found they were already sold on Shopify, we just needed to break down some of the complexity of both having the capability of wholesale but primarily creating a website that is designed for general consumers. These new dehumidifiers are more cost-effective than many of the leading competitors, while not sacrificing on features.

So, we had to come up with a website design with limited product-set and also make sure we were setting Grower-X apart from the competition. But how do you speak to being more affordable without also coming across as "cheap?" It starts with leading with a premium theme.

Some Fun Features

We went with a premium theme from Pixel Union, Startup. Aptly named because Grower-X was starting from the ground-up! We chose this theme for a variety of reasons. I personally am a fan of Pixel Union and Out of the Sandbox themes because of their great reputation and also well-known support. I am signed up as an affiliate for them but only after extensively researching what they bring to the table from a development perspective.

Startup is a great theme for our situation because it's built specifically for small catalogs or single-product stores. This is something we knew from the get-go would be the case for Grower-X, who is creating a highly-specialized product for growers. I'm a fan of slider carts, and while Startup doesn't have this built in, it wasn't necessary for this project given that we're operating with a smaller catalog of products. That is to say, most folks are going to be purchasing one type of product on single purchase orders.

Even with all the great stuff the theme Startup from Pixel Union offered, I built in some custom improvements to help meet some of Grower-X's goals in the customer journey:

  • Custom header
  • Pronounced navigation button that can be changed as necessary "Buy Now" emphasized in original product design
  • Custom footer
  • Technical specifications section that can be updated per product
  • Custom navigation based on wholesale tags in customer account

You can check out the end result on the Grower-X live website by visiting

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