Create Automated Collections with Product Metafields

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It's now possible to create an automated collection using product metafields! Variant metafields are also available.

We'll do a quick demonstration on how to add a fast and simple product metafield, update those metafields with the bulk editor for products, and then create your automated collections with the new metafield values.



We can now use metafields to populate collections. That's right. You can create an automated collection now with metafield values. Super simple, but let's cover it real fast.

Setting up Creating a Collection Metafields for Products

All right. I'm going to cover this pretty fast, because I think you all probably have some experience with this. Basically, we're going to go into Metafields in your settings and you can go to something like Products. Whatever kind of type of thing. You can either pick something you already have or ... Let's just go ahead and create a brand new one.

Collections Metafield. You can see here, "This is whatever we want it to be." Let's just go ahead and we'll throw something in here for single-line text. Do a value. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then, check this out. This is, "Allow requests from the storefront API." It used to be all the way up here. Now, they've moved it down here, because we also now have this option to use fields and values to create automated collections. Let's go ahead and check that off.
And if you want to just take a look at that, here's some specific info here. Let's blow that up. Make that easier to see. I'll drop this in the description as well, but it talks a little bit about using them and those sorts of things. Here's something that you can take a look at, but for the moment, let's just drop in. Let's just get to your practical application here. We've done the collections metafield, so we made that for products.

Using the Bulk Editor

Let's just go ahead, use the bulk editor real fast. Because I want to just make this super simple and clean.I've done a more in-depth review of this with using the bulk editor. So if you want to check that out, do it. Let's just go ahead. Let's just throw colors in here. Just to make this super simple. Let's find one more. Okay. Let's save these guys. Just showing you with a couple of different things that we can do here when it comes to creating a collection.

Creating a Collection for Metafields

Let's go over here. Create a collection. This is just ... Let's call this, "Metafield Collection - Black." Interesting stuff here. Got to throw in the filler stuff. Just to make sure everything's working cool.

And then, what you can do here is now we've dropped down into here. For a product tag, we have available, but ... Sweet. Now that we've made that available as a metafield option, if you scroll all the way down, you can see there's a metafield option available here. And then, this is equal to ... We're going to need to have the actual text in here. Let's go ahead and throw that in there. Okay. Looks good. Looks good. Looks good. Let's go ahead and save.

There you go. Bam. Just two collections. Or one collection with the two products that we had for those two items automatically created. Super cool. Let's take a look. There you go. Just those two items.

Creating Second Collection for Metafields

Same thing could be said if we wanted to create another one, so we can do a metafield collection. I think blue is another color. Blue metafields. We'll do automated again. Scroll down. This time, we should only get one item. Right? There we go. Just the one. Super simple.


You can see here, this is a really cool new tool that we have available to us. Especially, as we continue to leverage the ability to update metafields using the bulk metafield editor here in the bulk editor online with products. And then, now just being able to create collections based on that with the content that we're already leveraging in something other than just in the title and stuff like that. This is a huge win. Super simple. Super easy. Try this out today.

Check out the Shopify documentation here for limitations and supported conditions

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