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screenshot of underdog games with buy with prime activated on their website

Amazon recently introduced a new way to encourage sales on your website - Buy with Prime. 

Merchants are now able to promote some of the biggest key features of shopping on Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon, returns, fast shipping times, etc) directly on your own website. 

After working with my first Shopify merchant to get this up and running (shout out to Underdog Games 🚀) I've got some thoughts.

A Win for Shopify Merchants

Personally, I think this is a big win for merchants for a couple of reasons. Perhaps the biggest and most important one is that in instances where we wanted to send people to the Amazon listing, to help possibly reduce buyer objections to purchasing on the brand website for the first time, we now will not have the issue of all the "cluttered" views people got with competing brands and similar products that are not your own being suggested in listings. 

The Buy with Prime button opens directly to a single item purchase or "Buy it Now" sort of flow. This is great for single order purchases and will be particularly useful in instances where there are promoted bundles or higher average order value products. 

I'll be the first to admit, when I first read about Buy with Prime I was really worried that it was going to go against the ethos of Shopify's "arm the rebels" mentality. But after working with this and seeing it out in the wild, I don't think that's going to be the case.

I think in the end, this continues to help create some additional footholds for merchants to get a "leg up" while still promoting their own brand.

What's Next

I believe this is going to be so helpful for merchants, for those that meet some key criteria I'm going to be providing some promotional support hours at no cost to get this up and running on stores. 

Important links

Press release:

Buy with Prime landing page: 


Updated July 2023

Note: Buy with Prime is available for general release and now additionally supports review snippets for merchants looking to get started on DTC who might want to leverage existing reviews.

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