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Speed Optimization Audit

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A lot of folks come to me requesting speed optimization. They think that their store is broken because there is a 20 or less score in your Shopify dashboard with a not-so-kind slight towards your store, "your store is slower than similar stores."

You read a bit about slow websites and realize that this is the thing that's been hurting your conversions! Ignoring the fact that no one has complained about your store being slow or finding it difficult to load.

The truth is, the PageSpeed score is NOT the metric you need to be caring about. It's Core Web Vitals. Google already has a set of metrics that they care about and use to determine whether to serve your site higher in search or not when competing against similar quality results from one of your competitors. Content will always be king but passing Core Web Vitals might just be what gives you that edge.

The purpose of this audit is to use my experience as a web developer and let you know if 1) you even need to care about PageSpeed (Core Web Vitals); and 2) whether or not you need a developer to fix those things.

I'll teach you how to run these audits yourself and identify areas you could improve without someone like me.