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Kevin is the chef behind Kevin Lane's Catering, LLC. He can do all things catering but specializes in bringing a memorable dining experience to you with private in-home dinners. And while Kevin is a wizard in the kitchen, his growing business was missing something at the end of 2018. A website.

Simple Yet Elegant

We talked a lot with Kevin about what he needed in a website. He had some great ideas and content about what he wanted for his website. The emphasis or theme for the website was to be simple yet elegant. So that was the goal. Create a website that helped gain more traction/attention to Kevin's business while also not being overly showy or cluttered. Here are just a couple of simple and quick ways we did that.


Because of the simple but elegant theme, we wanted this to really be implemented in the layout of the site. You'll notice on the home page, and every other page of the site, the main body text is displayed on what looks like a wedding invitation/card. We were able to achieve this look by going with an off-white color for the background and a shadow to give the page a little depth and make it appear as if the card is floating on the page.

More Than a Meal

Kevin is very passionate about cooking. You can hear it, not only in the words he's using when he describes his business and the people he gets to work with, but in how he talks about it. Who knew there was so much to know about food?! Kevin, that's who. Something that he said that really caught our attention early on was the phrase, "it's more than making a meal, it's making a memory." We thought this embodied Kevin's passion for his business so well, that it belonged on every page.

Contact Contact Contact

Different websites have different purposes. The purpose of Kevin's website is for people to learn more about his catering capabilities and be able to reach out to him. That's why, although there is a dedicated contact page, there's a short contact form on each page. This provides an opportunity for would-be clients to reach out to Kevin regardless of what page of the website they view. We also implemented a special way for Kevin's website visitors to reach out to him, a Facebook Messenger button.

Social Media

In speaking with Kevin, one of the main ways he communicates with customers is through his Facebook page. Because Kevin uses Facebook a lot, not only to communicate with his customers on a wide base with posts and updates, but also one-on-one through messenger, we wanted to make things as easy as possible for him. So, in addition to forms being collected through email we implemented a Facebook Messenger plugin. Anyone visiting Kevin's website can log in to Facebook as a messenger button pops up (go try it out at Kevin's website to see for yourself how this works).

Because social media is important, we also included a snippet of Kevin's Facebook page timeline onto the footer of each page. This provides an easy means for those visiting his site to click and visit him on Facebook quickly or just browse the Facebook page, without ever leaving the site.

The Standard Stuff

The rest of Kevin's website was built with the typical stuff we specialize in, the big one being flat static HTML files. Why is this important? Because this means Kevin's website will load quickly, has incredibly low server hosting costs (way better than Wordpress), and is far more secure than some shared server environment (again, way better than Wordpress). The site is also served up with a secure SSL certificate (remember that fancy green padlock in the URL bar? If not click here), which means Kevin's website visitors can visit and learn more about how Kevin can make them a meal dreams are made out of, without getting frustrated by slow load times or worrying about Kevin's website being a safe place to visit.

So if you like Kevin's page and some of these features, give us a shout - we'd love to work with you. Or better yet, give Kevin a shout. We're proud to know Kevin and even more so the work that he does. If the culinary bar for your next event is higher than Little Caesars pizzas and free water, hire Kevin.

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