Hive of the Ozarks - Project

screenshot of hive of the ozarks website

This was an exciting project because it was a greenfield project. This nonprofit is opening a coffee shop in March 2021 and they will be providing jobs for individuals with disabilities. They needed everything from getting their website up and running to figuring out how to take payments online, and they did not know where to start. I researched multiple payment gateways and providers and we settled on Gravity Payments.

Because Gravity is a fairly new payment processor, it limited our ability to go with certain ecommerce solutions and we ended up choosing Ecwid because it worked well for the situation. It also gave me an opportunity to try out a JAMstack tool I had been eyeing for some time - Eleventy.

You can check out the Hive of the Ozarks live website by visiting


Side Notes

Gravity is a pretty cool company. Making headlines for their CEO cutting his own pay to raise the minimum wage in his company to $70k/year. Feel free to check them out by clicking here and see if they can help you with your credit card interchange rates. Full disclosure, this is part of their referral program. So far, Hive of the Ozarks has been very happy with them and their customer service. Though, I would not recommend them for a greenfield-type project again - as they seem to be most adept at working with companies that are up and running and have revenue numbers available.

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