Why Even Have a Blog?

This is our first blog post! It's gonna look good eventually. Don't you worry. For now, we're just starting out with the whole blogging thing. In this post we hope to explain how we'll use our blog moving forward.

Our Goals for this Blog

There are a handful of reasons a blog is a good thing to have. Neither of us loves the idea of putting posts out there into the wild for the purpose of self-promotion, but the benefits of a blog in this day and age range from being able to promote/show-case business partners we work with, really pushing us to increase the quality of our own work by providing helpful resources, and of course Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits as well. Let's start there.

Promoting Businesses We Work With

Ideal "clients" for us moving forward are small businesses. Why? Because we love local small businesses. Real people in our own community working hard to bring a better product and/or service to the people they live next to. We don't want to get rich and make the next Facebook or become some marketing giant in the Springfield area. We want to help small businesses be more successful reaching people in the Springfield area.

What does reaching customers in your area look like? Anymore, customers check out businesses before they even visit. Sometimes people make it as far as to pull into the parking lot of your business before they pull out their phone and Google your business. Not having a website or social media presence, or an antiquated one, can be a huge turnoff. Your online presence should match your physical store presence - alive and interactive.

Our goal with this blog is to highlight work we've done with local business partners so customers can more easily find them online. Finding associated blog posts highlighting their work can really help solidify the credibility of a business.

Provide Helpful Resources

Since small businesses are the folks we want to work with most, it makes sense for us to try and be helpful. Small businesses don't necessarily have the resources that larger businesses/corporations do. If it's possible for us to point someone in the right direction or give them some pointers on how to use a resource that could possibly help their business, that's great!

Some worry that giving away resources or insights to how we do things or things we've found to be successful will take away business from us. We strongly feel this isn't the case. If it's helpful for a local business owner to read about strategies on how he/she can market their business on Facebook themselves or create graphics without any knowledge of Photoshop or build a simple site without any coding knowledge, then clearly they don't need to hire someone to do this for them. Our business revolves around the concept that we can take those things off your plate with higher quality (because we do have Photoshop knowledge and coding know-how) and can give you more time to focus on the things that you and your business are already good at.

Beneficial for SEO

At the moment, people primarily find websites and/or businesses online the same way they find any other piece of information - Google. Next to word-of-mouth, search engines like Google are the best way that people find information about businesses. While there are several search engines out there (Bing, Duck Duck Go, etc.) Google still consistently proves to the dominant premier search engine.

There are tons of resources available for SEO on the web, but most all of them will agree on the necessity for quality content and backlinks. In the past it was as simple as dropping something called metadata into code, but anymore this is only helpful and not the primary way search engines like Google find your website. The why and how behind all of this will be detailed in later blog posts, but for now just know that blogs are typically referenced as a beneficial tool for improving a site's SEO.

Signing Off

Blogs are a great way to put information online that help improve the quality of one's own work. Both through providing resources and promoting great businesses/services that we use already. And while it's not the most comfortable thing to put yourself out there with written content online, the benefits that this can bring tend to outweight the potential risks.

Thanks for reading!